How to replace display screen of mobile phone

How to replace display screen of mobile phone

If there is dead pixels in LCD display screen or it is cracked or shattered in this case there is need to repalce LCD display with touch screen. 

Display screen replacement requires some tools which are available with us. 

1 . Mobile Opening Tool Kit

2. Tweezer

3. Anti Static wrist strap

4. Anti Static Mat

5. Glue or double side tape to fix LCD display with frame

Steps :-

1. Teardown your handset

(a) first of all remove all screws on back side of handset

(b) Gently remove battery of handset. 

(c) Remove all flex cable attached with main board. 

2. Remove old damaged LCD display of handset. 

3. Clean Glue of earlier LCD display from middle frame of handset

4. Test new LCD display before install it on handset.

(a) To test LCD display first connector flex cable or connector of LCD display to connector of main board. 

(b) After connection provide power supply to main board which you can provide by battery or DC power Supply

(c) Press power button to on LCD display and after that test LCD display by typing message from qwerty keypad and number dialpad. 

5. If everything is working fine that it's time to fix LCD display screen to handset. 

6. Apply glue on corners of display screen gently ( excess of glue can increase thickness of display screen and display will not fix properly) 

7. Connect flex cables of display screen to main board and then fix display screen to middle frame bezel. 

8. Connect all flex cables and battery to handset ( assemble handset )

9. Tie display screen of handset with rubber bands ( Glue take 4 to 5 hours to fix and for that time screen should be pressed with middle frame for best finishing.

You did a great job. Now display screen has been fixed. For some handset teardown is so tough , So we recommend to visit your nearest technician to replace LCD display screen or any other part. Without prior knowledge of teardown or assembly you might damage flex cables of handset. To prevent any damage you should visit to a professional.